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Website Design and Hosting

In our years of designing websites for West Virginia businesses, we’d learned that there is no “best” type of design. A site that uses the very latest “state of the art” features may be too complicated for its intended audience to use, or may be totally unusable by some visitors. On the other hand, a very plain design or ordinary looking Web site may be too boring to hold the attention of its youthful audience.

We firmly believe the final form of any Web site should be decided upon based on the intended function of the site, keeping foremost in mind the tastes and abilities of the site’s intended audience. While we tend to agree that “keeping things simple” normally works best for the majority of Web sites, we realize the needs of a site selling the latest video games online will be very different from a site offering 19th Century antiques.

In short, the “best” type of Web site is the type of Web site that is best for you. Before we begin or even suggest a design, we’ll spend the time necessary to learn from you about your business. First we must learned how your business works and understand the goals you want to achieve on the Web. Then, drawing upon our years of experience in building successful Websites, we can suggest various ways of building a site that best works for you.

Looking for a new website host, or cost-effective Web site design? We can offer your business a very affordable combination of Web site design and hosting. We’d love to have the opportunity learn about your company’s needs and plans, and to offer our advice without any obligation on your part. Please feel free to¬†contact us¬†regarding your Web site design or hosting needs.

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